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Information Technology Program

Collaborative teamwork is the name of the game for Nicolet IT students.

IT Collaboration Station

Talk about learning how to work as a team! Nicolet College’s Information Technology (IT) Program is piloting a new technology on campus that emphasizes greater collaboration between students to master any number of IT skills.

The new learning stations are centered around high-tech tabletop projectors that beam course content onto, well, a big white table. Students then gather around the table to collectively solve any given IT issue.

“It’s a great tool to teach students how to work together,” said Scott Biscobing, Nicolet IT instructor. “Not only are they learning about Information Technology, but they’re also learning how to work as a team.”

Going into the program, IT student Ilija Lukic imagined most of his time would be spent in lectures listening to instructors drone on for hours.

“Boy, was I ever wrong,” Ilija said. “Everything has been a lot more hands-on than I thought it was going to be. It’s really been a lot more personable, working one-on-one with my instructors and the other students.”

This fall Ilija will graduate with his second associate degree from Nicolet, this one a Computer Support Specialist credential. Last year he earned the Web Analyst/Programmer degree.

IT instructor Ethan Blue said the increased emphasis on learning – and doing – in a collaborative environment is driven by the environment graduates will find when they enter the workplace.

“IT isn’t about sitting alone staring at a computer screen all day,” Ethan explained. “There’s a lot of personal interaction that goes into launching projects and solving problems. Knowing how to work as a team is a huge part of making these things successful and our new collaboration stations really teach that.”

As for Ilija’s thoughts on the quality of instruction he’s received during his five semesters at Nicolet: “It’s been fantastic! I love these guys!”