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University Transfer Program

Nicolet is the perfect place to start a bachelor’s degree.

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After graduating from Northland Pines High School, Ella Baltus could have gone to just about any university she wanted.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison.
University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
St. Norberts College.

All these and others accepted her application for admission. Yet, this nearly straight A student from Eagle River selected Nicolet College, specifically its University Transfer Liberal Arts Program.


“It was great having all of those other colleges to choose from but, in the end, Nicolet just made the most sense,” said Ella, who will complete her first year in May. “After I graduated from high school I really didn’t know what to do for a while but as time went on everything started falling into place and led me to Nicolet.”

Swaying factors were the amount of money she could save through both lower tuition and living at home, the quality of instruction and numerous options she would have transferring her credits, and the comfortable, natural aesthetic of the Nicolet Campus.

On a personal level, she was also able to stay close to her horses, which she absolutely adores and rides competitively at the national level.

Ella is not alone in picking Nicolet for these any many other reasons. Currently, she’s joined by 437 other students who are also enrolled in the University Transfer Program, the largest on campus.

“The vast majority of these students have their sights set on earning a bachelor’s degree,” said Rose Prunty, dean of the program. “Every year we have students transfer to four-year University of Wisconsin campuses across the state.”

Rose noted Nicolet students tend to do very well after they transfer, averaging a grade point of 3.0 or better in each of the past three years.

After Ella graduates her plan, as it stands now, is to transfer, probably to UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota, to earn first a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and then a law degree.

Does she think Nicolet is preparing her well for this journey?

“I have friends who went straight to Madison and Milwaukee and we talk about our classes and we are learning the exact same things,” she said. “The biggest difference is one of my friends sits in a lecture hall with hundreds of students and she really can’t talk with her professor. I get to do that all of the time. Nicolet is the perfect place for me to start my bachelor’s degree.”