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Host of PBS’ Wisconsin Foodie to present at Nicolet College October 18


Kyle Cherek with grocery bag outside

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Think food is just something that tastes good and gives us sustenance?

While these aspects are true, “food is so much more than that,” said Kyle Cherek. “It has shaped and driven who we are as human beings today.”

Cherek, the host of the nationally-syndicated PBS television show Wisconsin Foodie, will talk about how food has shaped humanity and how the choices we make today will impact our future during a presentation at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 18, in the Nicolet College Theatre. Admission is free.

“The evolution of food and what we have eaten over millennia has shaped us as humans more so than any asteroid ever hitting the planet or any genetic twist of fate we’ve experienced as a species,” he said.

While his talk From the Ground Up may seem like a weighty subject, the way Cherek presents it won’t be.

This self-described “recovering English major” is a master storyteller with a quick comic wit and an unabashed passion for everything food.

“Food is fascinating to me,” Cherek said. “Everything from where food comes from and how it’s grown to the story of how it is alchemized onto the plate.”

One example of how food shapes our society is to consider what a woman eats when she is pregnant.

“Her diet imprints on the brain and deeply affects the child’s preference after it is born,” Cherek said. “If the mother ate a lot of highly processed foods during pregnancy, that’s what the child is going to gravitate toward after it is born. The same holds true if the mother ate a lot of authentic, natural foods. Our bodies remember these things.”

Along with being the host of Wisconsin Foodie, Cherek also has a strong online presence, primarily with his Chef Talks videos.

He’s produced more than 100 episodes of the series, talking to everyone from farmers who specialize in growing specific products to many of the top chefs in the state about how they transform these ingredients into exquisite dishes.

The Wisconsin Foodie show airs Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. on PBS and is also shown in reruns at various times in local TV markets.

More information about Cherek, including his Chef Talks videos, can be found at

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