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Administrative Policies Index

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AP 1.0 Mission

1.01 Mission Statement
1.02 Vision Statement
1.03 Values
1.04 Nicolet 2020
1.05 Core Abilities
1.06 Student Standards of Conduct and Complaint and Grievance Procedure
1.07 General Public Standards of Conduct

AP 2.0 Student Services

2.01 Nicolet College Faculty Quality Assurance Standards (FQAS)
2.02 Privacy of Records – Release of Written Information
2.03 Admissions
2.04 Credit for Prior Learning
2.05 Active Military Duty
2.06 Student References and External Employment Opportunities
2.07 Program Approval, Development, Suspension and Discontinuance
2.08 Advisory Committees
2.09 Educational Services Below the Postsecondary Level


AP 3.0 Safety and Security

3.01 Campus Security
3.02 Campus Safety
3.03 Tobacco Free Campus
3.04 Key and Access Cards
3.05 Campus Parking Regulations
3.06 Identity Theft Prevention
3.07 Title IX and Violence Against Women Act/Clery
3.08 Service Animals
3.09 Campus Pet Policy


AP 4.0 Human Resources

4.01 Employee Code of Ethics
4.02 Notice of Outside Employment
4.03 Pre-employment Criminal Background Check
4.04 Family and Medical Leave
4.05 Alcohol and Drug Use
4.06 Employees with Pending Criminal Charges or a Conviction Record
4.07 Children in the Workplace
4.08 Children on Campus
4.09 Consensual Relationships


AP 5.0 Finance

5.01 Purchasing
5.02 Disposal of District Property
5.03 Travel and Expense Reimbursement
5.04 Degree Pursuit


AP 6.0 Facilities

6.01 Facility Use
6.01-a Facility Use Form for Lakeside Center
6.01-b Facility Use Form for Classroom and Conference Room Usage
6.02 Inclement Weather/College Closing
6.03 Use of College Vehicles


AP 7.0 Information Technology

7.01 Acceptable Use of Computers and Electronic Media
7.02 Student E-mail

AP 7.03 Copyright Infringement Policy

7.03 Copyright Infringement 

AP 8.0 Public Relations

8.01 Publications, Promotional Materials, and Publicity
8.02 Campus Solicitation
8.03 Bulletin Board Posting



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