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Academic Success Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

MEETING AGENDA: October 21, 2015

Chuck Komp
Nicolet College
Dean of Business and Instructional Effectiveness

Brigitte Kumbier
Nicolet College
Dean of Trade and Industry

Brita Liebelt
Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
Human Resources Manager

Kim Olson
Lakeland Union High School

Becky Priebe
McNaughton Correctional Center
Social Worker 2

Tom Raykovich
Nicolet College
Transition Counselor

Jackie Schmieder
Women's Outreach
Service Coordinator

Dean W. Schultz
Northern Advantage
Employment and Training Specialist

Patti Soder
Nicolet College

Shane Teter
Nicolet College
English Instructor

Susan Thiel
Nicolet College


updated 10/2013