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Administrative Professional

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Start your career in Administrative Professional.

Advance from the Receptionist diploma to the Office Assistant diploma to the Administrative Professional associate’s degree. With each level you'll develop skills that focus on office production, management practices, communication, and business operations. If you like working with details, and you're good at organizing and budgeting, this may be the program area for you.

Follow the Administrative Professional Pathway.

Every credit and credential earned applies toward the next technical diploma or degree and provides you with new job opportunities and increased wages. You can even transfer Nicolet credits to another college or university to earn your bachelor's degree. Start on your pathway today.

Administrative Professional


Prepare for employment in entry-level office positions by learning computer skills, essential business processes, and communication.

Office Assistant

Covers basic business procedures and essential software skills including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, and presentations.


Administrative Professional

Focuses on office production skills, management practices, communications skills, general knowledge related to business operations, and advanced computer skills.