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Criminal Justice Corrections Specialist

Technical Diploma - 31 Credits


Academic Advisor: Natalie Clark
Welcome Center
Red Oak Center - Second Floor
Phone: 715.365.4993 or 800.544.3039 ext. 4493


Financial Aid Eligible

This program is eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further details.


About the Program

Criminal Justice-Corrections Specialist certificate provides students with a marketable diploma specifically related to a career in a jail or corrections setting after their first year of school which would allow them to move into the world of work if they are not able to continue with their education.


Possible Careers

  • Corrections Officer
  • Jailer
  • Private Security
  • Prison Guard


Program Outcomes

  1. Basic understanding of the criminal justice system
  2. Ability to create accurate and detailed reports
  3. Understanding of jail and correctional laws and procedures
  4. Understanding of juvenile laws and procedures related to the jail and corrections setting
  5. Understanding of corrections security procedures related to facilities
  6. Standard and protocols for supervising inmates
  7. Ability to communicate in a professional manner in a jail or corrections environment
  8. Proper medical response to jail situations
  9. Ability to deal with inmates with mental health issues


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The information is provided as a federal requirement in an effort to help students make informed educational decisions. Specifically, Gainful Employment aims to provide information related to future potential debt burden in comparison to the expected earnings in a chosen program or field.

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