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Early Childhood

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Start your career in Early Childhood Education.

Focus on the development and care of young children. Through instruction, empathy, and leadership, you'll create positive learning environments and programs. If you enjoying working with children, are a good problem solver, and prefer structured situations and physical activity, this may be the right career area for you.

Follow the Early Childhood Pathway.

Every credit and credential earned applies toward the next certificate, diploma, or degree and provides you with new job opportunities and increased wages. You can even transfer Nicolet credits to another college or university to earn your bachelor's degree. Start on your pathway today.

Early Childhood Pathway

Infant Toddler

Develop a deeper understanding of infant and toddler care and education.


Identify and implement quality aspects of positive preschool environments and programs.

Early Childhood Education

Gain an understanding of the development of young children and plan and implement programs that promote that development.