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Industrial Electronics Maintenance

Technical Diploma - 15 Credits



Academic Advisor: Rob Rhoads
Welcome Center
University Transfer Center - Second Floor
Phone: 715.365.4493 or 800.544.3039 ext. 4493


Career Overview

Industrial Electronics Maintenance Technicians support the advanced manufacturing industry. They service the industrial machinery that manufactures consumer goods and equipment of many kinds. They work with journeymen electromechanical technicians to perform the basic installation, maintenance and repair activities on industrial electronic and mechanical equipment. Industrial Electronic Maintenance Technicians also maintain pneumatic and hydraulic power systems and mechanical drives. They service and install the motors, motor control systems, and the programmable logic controllers that are used in manufacturing.


About Our Program

The program is designed so as to lend to flexible, self-paced learning lab delivery. The series of one credit courses have been grouped into a progressive set of certificates and a diploma that have been validated by the local manufacturing industry. The content is designed to have currency in the local manufacturing workplace and beyond.


Possible Careers

  • Industrial Electronic or Electrical Technician
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician


Program Outcomes

1. Demonstrate effective reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
2. Demonstrate mathematical skills.
3. Apply scientific concepts.
4. Identify and solve problems, apply knowledge in a critical, creative and ethical manner.
5. Recognize the value of self and others in order to be a productive member of a diverse global society (for example, function effectively in a team environment).
6. Evaluate and use information technology effectively.
7. Demonstrate a basic understanding of applied science.
8. Exhibit professionalism.
9. Adhere to proper safety practices and procedures.
10. Disassembly/reassemble and build electromechanical hardware.
11. Perform preventative maintenance.
12. Install and program electronic and electromechanical systems.

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