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University Transfer and Liberal Arts

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Start your career with a Liberal Arts degree.

Prepare for a successful career with the general knowledge and skills of an associate's degree. Program courses equal those found in the first two years of four-year colleges and universities, fulfill many bachelor’s degree general education requirements, and can apply to a specific major’s degree requirements.

Transfer individual courses or an entire degree. By completing an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree, you'll have the benefit of a degree-to-degree transfer where universities grant junior status and waive general degree requirements, regardless
of specific liberal arts courses taken at Nicolet.

Associate of Arts

Provides a greater concentration on social sciences and humanities.

Associate of Science

Places greater emphasis on science and mathematics.

Associate of Science - Natural Resources Emphasis

Prepare to work in the environmental science, natural resources, or earth sciences fields.


Professional Communication

Develop the communication skills including writing, speaking, nonverbal communication, and listening.