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Welding/Maintenance and Fabrication

Technical Diploma


This industry recognized credential provides the skills necessary to entry-level employment in the field. All competencies apply to the welding technical diploma degree.

Possible Careers

  • Welder
  • Cutter
  • Solderer
  • Brazer

Students demonstrate competency in:

Course Number Course Name Credits
10-442-112-C01 Print reading and weld symbols 1
10-442-112-C02 Print interpretation and sketching 3
10-442-158-C01 SMAW on carbon steel 1.5
10-442-158-C02 SMAW AWS testing on carbon steel .5
10-442-159-C01 GMAW on carbon steel 2
10-442-159-C02 GMAW AWS testing on carbon steel 1
10-442-163-00 Weld inspection and testing 1
10-442-172-C01 Workplace safety .5
10-442-172-C02 OSHA 10 certification .25
10-442-172-C03 Forklift certification .25
10-442-173-00 Thermal cutting 1
10-442-174-C01 GMAW-P on stainless steel 1
10-442-174-C02 GMAW-P AWS testing on stainless steel .5
10-442-174-C03 GMAW-P on aluminum 1
10-442-174-C04 GMAW-P AWS testing on aluminum .5
31-804-302-C01 Perform basic geometric computations 1
31-804-302-C02 Perform basic mathematical computations 1
  Total 17
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