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Core Abilities

core abilities

Graduating from Nicolet means more than you've passed a bunch of tests. It means you've developed a set of core abilities that go well beyond memorizing facts.

You'll see that the core abilities listed below cover a broad set of skills that will help you solve challenging problems, work efficiently in a team, communicate effectively, build community, and discover the value of learning over your lifetime.

Core abilities are not taught just in a single lesson or even a single class. Core abilities are taught across the entire curriculum at Nicolet.

They are designed to give you the broad set of skills that will help you be successful after you graduate from Nicolet.

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Nicolet's Core Abilities are:

Apply Mathematic, Scientific, Artistic, and Technological Concepts

Success as a member of our complex society requires proficient application of mathematical, scientific, artistic and technological skills.

Build Community

Success in building communities requires teamwork, social awareness and civic engagement which enhance the full range of human relationships at the local, national, and global levels.

Communicate Effectively

Success as a communicator requires comprehensive application of language and visual arts skills across multiple settings to engage multiple audiences.

Embrace Lifelong Learning

Success as a lifelong learner requires a committed pursuit of professional and personal development to navigate change over a lifetime.

Live Ethically

Success in ethical living requires rational reflection on behavior that leads a person to make principled and sustainable decisions.

Think Critically and Creatively

Success as a critical and creative thinker requires independent and rigorous reasoning that leads to informed decisions, innovation and personal empowerment.