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Black Board Testing Tips

Testing Tips For Blackboard

Before starting the test:
Make sure you have a good Internet connection

If you are using a wireless network move the mouse over the Wireless Network Connection icon on the Taskbar so see how good the connection is. If the connection is low, it is recommended to move to another location.
 The Wireless Network Connection is the icon with four vertical bars._
 If no connection is established either reboot or click Start >Connect To > Wireless Connection. This will generally start the enabling process. If it does not click on enable.

Log out and log back into Blackboard just before taking the test if you were already in Blackboard and have been in any other sources since it was opened.

If your computer has been on and in use for a couple of hours, reboot prior to logging in for your test. This will free memory resources from applications you have opened that may be running in the background.

Close ALL applications except Blackboard. This includes IM tools, e-mail and pop-up blockers. Simply closing an IM browser window does not stop the software. Right click on the icon in the Task bar and Exit or Sign out.

Starting the Test

Maximize the browser window before starting the test.

Do NOT double click on the link to the test. This will lock the test and say you have already completed it. If this occurs the instructor will need to reset your attempt.

Test Time

Do not resize the browser window during the test as this may prevent proper submission of your test.

Never click the Back button on the browser. This will take you out of the test.

Avoid using scroll button on a mouse or keyboard. Use the scroll bars provided in Blackboard.

Do not Alt+Tab out of a test

Click the “submit” button. Do not press “enter” on the keyboard in place of clicking “submit”.
Save the test periodically. Blackboard recommends saving test questions every 10 to 15 minutes. By default there is a 30 minute timeout, so if the user doesn’t save within that 30 minute time period the session may end. The test needs interaction with the server to restart that time, especially when every question is displayed in a single view (scrolling view) versus a new screen for every question. Clicking, type in a test editor box and scrolling DO NOT register as activity. Saving answers will show as activity and assist in negating a timeout issue.

What to do if test locks or submit fails

Contact your instructor to request the test be reset.
Provide as much detail as possible about how and when the test locked:
Time you started and time the test locked or submission failed

Copy any error reports you received 
Location you were when test locked or submission failed  
Type of Internet Connection

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