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Music Courses

20-805-201-00 Music Appreciation  (HU)
State of the art sound and viewing system will bring to life music of the past and the present. See and hear music from around the world as well as music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century, and music of today that reflects our more modern society. Music is connected with history, religion, art, architecture, politics and society. Students will learn to identify voices and instruments, and the significance of instrumentation, scoring and arranging. Listen to melody, rhythm, harmony and grouping of sounds to identify periods of music history and their composers. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-805-205-00 Music Theory I  (HU)
Entry level music class. Students learn to read music by understanding music notation, music symbols, and vocabulary. Each student will have a keyboard to apply music reading skills. Early childhood education students will also learn how to integrate music into educational and play activities. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-805-209-00 Music Theory II  (HU)
Studies of texture in music, voice leading, harmonic progression, the dominant and leading-tone seventh chords, non-dominant seventh chords, modulation, secondary dominants, and two and three-part form. Prerequisite: 20-805-205. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-805-215-00 Twentieth Century American Music  (HU)
Examines Ragtime, Blues, Contemporary Classical music, Swing, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country Western, and music of the American theater. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-805-280-00 Topics in Music  (HU)
Pursues advanced or specialized music topics in a traditionally structured, independent study, or service-learning format. Depending on the structure, requirements and topics are developed in advance by the instructor or by the student in consultation with the instructor. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-805-280-01 Music in Film  (HU)
Follows the development music and sound in film, from the beginning of the silent-movie era to the great film composers of the twentieth century and today. Students will explore the role and expression of music in film, learn about the fundamental elements of film music and composers, as well as develop a vocabulary for describing and assessment film music. Includes classroom discussion, evaluation of different compositional styles, and learning to listen critically to film score while viewing movies. No prior knowledge of music or film history is necessary. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-805-285-00 Applied Topics in Music  (HU)
Pursues advanced or specialized applied music topics. Requirements and topics are developed in advance by the instructor. Lab. 3 credits.

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