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Physical Education/Health

Physical Education/Health Courses

20-807-201-00 Fitness for Life  (PHYED)
Examines the relationship of physical fitness and activity to healthy lifestyles and wellness. Students plan and implement a personal fitness and nutrition program. Lecture. 2 credits.

20-807-205-00 Topics in Health and Physical Education  (PHYED)
Depending on the structure, requirements and topics are developed in advance by the instructor or by the student in consultation with the instructor. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

20-807-205-02 Topics in Health and Physical Education  (PHYED)
Students learn practical and readily usable self-defense techniques. Students apply situational awareness, determine options, and implement a self-defense strategy. Strategies include avoidance, assertiveness, verbal skills, safety practices, and physical techniques. Physical techniques include strikes to target points, blocks, ground defense, escape moves, key chains or other everyday objects as weapons, and defense in specific locations such as cars and stairwells. Students learn viable options for all ages and levels of physical activity. Through repetition, students develop greater body awareness, preparedness, and physical condition. Students practice realistic scenarios and explore issues of societal violence such as sexual assault and domestic violence. Course sections are offered for women or men only. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

20-807-211-00 Health and Wellness Activity  (PHYED)
Through participation in a physical activity, demonstrate knowledge and skills to safely participate in the activity according to the standards of an affiliated organization. Evaluate participation in the activity along the dimensions of wellness.  Analyze fitness requirements for participation. Identify considerations for life- long participation. Lab. 1 credit.

20-807-213-00 First Aid and CPR  (PHYED)
Learn principles and practices of first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator use. Students apply first aid, CPR, and AED applications to home, work, recreation, and remote settings. Completers received American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers certification and the AHA First Aid Certificate. Lecture. 2 credits.

20-807-221-00 Canoeing  (PHYED)
Acquaints students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy and actively participate in the lifetime sport of canoeing. Includes lake and river canoeing. Lab. 1 credit.

20-807-235-00 Principles of Strength Training  (PHYED)
Enables students to develop and participate in an appropriate resistance exercise program using free weights, weight machines, and floor exercise. Lecture/Lab. 2 credits.

20-807-280-00 Challenge Ropes Course  (PHYED)
Uses cooperative games, goal setting, problem solving initiatives, and low and high ropes activities to stimulate personal and team growth. Explores connections between adventures and the students' professional and personal lives. Lab. 1 credit.



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