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Speech/Theatre Courses

20-810-201-00 Fundamentals of Speech  (COMM)
Examines theory and process of communication, the role of speech in self-development, the art of persuasion, topic selection, the use of research-based evidence, and audience analysis. Includes organizing speech content, speech delivery, and critique via presentation of informative and persuasive speeches and development of effective extemporaneous speaking style. Students gain self-confidence, proficiency, and poise. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-810-204-00 Motion Picture Appreciation  (HU)
Provides an overview of the historical development, emerging styles, basic components, and social importance of the motion picture as an art form. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-810-207-00 Theatre Appreciation  (HU)
Surveys the nature, philosophy, history, and development of theater in its various forms, including dramatic literature, especially as it relates to the twentieth century. Discusses the work of playwrights, actors, directors, scenic and lighting artists, critics, and others as they relate to production aspects, technical, and artistic elements of theater. Students analyze scripts, and attend and critique productions. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-810-213-00 Fundamentals of Acting  (HU)
Studies basic principles and techniques of acting, including analysis, scene rehearsal, and voice/body exercises. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-810-215-00 Argumentation and Debate (HU)
This course centers on the study and practice of argumentation.  Students will examine theories of argumentation and advocacy, test these concepts using a current model of academic debate (e.g. World Universities, Lincoln-Douglass, National Debate Tournament), and assess the ethical implications of current policies and methods of persuasion being practiced at the local, national, and international levels. This course will serve to fulfill a Humanities requirement. Prerequisite: 20-810-201. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-810-225-00 Topics in Speech Theatre  (HU)
Pursues advanced or specialized speech or theatre topics in a traditionally structured, independent study, or service-learning format. Depending on the structure, requirements and topics are developed in advance by the instructor or by the student in consultation with the instructor. Lecture. 3 credits.

20-810-299-00 Theatre Practicum  (HU)
Involves participation in two areas of a theatre production. Lecture. 3 credits.


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