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It Just Makes Sense

pocket the savings

 It Just Makes Sense.

University Transfer definitely has its advantages. 

Save nearly $12,000 in tuition by completing your first two years at Nicolet compared to starting at UW Madison.

That’s enough to fund your third year at UW Madison.



Start at a college with individualized attention.

It’ll make your transition to college easier.  
Meet with a Nicolet Career Coach to plan for college. They help you start on the right path, so you’re focusing your time, energy, and money too on a career path that works for you. As a student, you’ll be paired with an Academic Advisor – your partner in selecting courses to make your credits count toward your next college or university. Free Tutoringis easy to access and ensures you have the help you need to succeed.

Find your best fit.

Earn the Associate degree to fit your career goal:

Associate of Arts
Concentration on social sciences and humanities.
Potential majors include:
- Communications
- Fine Arts
- Education
- Foreign Language
- English
- Literature

Associate of Science
Concentration on sciences and mathematics.
Potential majors include:
- Engineering
- Natural Resources
- Math
- Medicine
- Science

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