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Private Pilot Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School

Learn the fundamentals of flight required for obtaining either your sport pilot's license or for the Federal Aviation Administration's Private Pilot (FAA) certification testing. Course content includes pertinent FAA regulations, principles of aerodynamics, airplane system instruments, navigation, weather, and cross-country planning.

Upon successful completion of this 30-hour course, you will receive a logbook signoff from your certified private pilot instructor. Additionally, you will be sufficiently prepared to complete the FAA (written) knowledge test.

Private pilot kits are required and will be available for purchase from the instructor on the first night of class. The cost of the required kit is approximately $300 and includes class textbook, test preparation book, pilot logbook, federal regulations, plotter flight calculator, and a flight bag.

Note: For details regarding specific class content, please contact Jeff Melau at 715.499.3315 or by email.