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Disability Support Eligibility

Eligibility for Disability Support Services

The Accommodations Specialist in Disability Support Service is the main contact point for students. The Accommodations Specialist will work with the student to:

  • Review records and documentation
  • Review total needs
  • Arrange accommodations
  • Develop an individualized plan


Students are responsible for providing current documentation of their disability and the need for accommodations. This documentation must identify the disability for which the accommodations are requested, and substantiate that the need for accommodations is related to the disability.

If you suspect you have a disability but are not sure, the Accommodations Specialist will work with you to coordinate testing for a disability with a professional psychologist.


Federal and state laws protect individuals with disabilities from the release of personal information without their consent. In order for Disability Support Services to either receive documentation of a disability or to share information regarding a disability, a confidentiality-release form must be signed by the student.

This release statement is only good for one year, and is kept in the student's locked file. Student records, including documentation, will be kept for five years from when the student becomes inactive.