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Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating Culture

Celebrate the many cultures of the Northwoods and get the support you need to succeed.

At the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, we celebrate Nicolet’s significance as a small college that promotes cultural diversity in our rural community.

See what the Center has to offer you as a student, faculty or staff member, or Northwoods neighbor. We provide a community for students to explore their own and other cultures and sponsor activities geared to their college success. The Center increases the understanding of the links between regional and world cultures and history. Learning about similar cultures and their struggles can lead to self-empowerment and help us to make connections to success at Nicolet and in the world beyond.

A Place to Connect

The people in the Center are resources for students, faculty, and the community to gain knowledge and support while at Nicolet. We support diversity through:

Culturally-specific pre-college introduction activities

Grade, middle, and high school teachers and staff can work with Nicolet’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion to plan activities that introduce students to careers, certifications, and two and four-year college degrees. For instance, the Center has worked with the Nicolet Health Occupations and Protective Services programs and outside organizations such as the Area Health Education Center and the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council to provide college and career-bound preparation to students. Other services available to K-12 teachers, tribal education directors and prospective students include:

  • College and career preparation workshops for high school students
  • College-introduction workshops and tours
  • Speakers on various multicultural and diversity subjects

College Success Services

The Center provides direct-service links to other offices to support the success of students from other cultures while they attend Nicolet. The Center:

  • Provides study assistance including tutoring
  • Links you to other student services such as disability and veterans’ services
  • Works with instructors, advisors and staff
  • Monitors your needs and success at Nicolet
  • Assists with job search activities

Financial Assistance

The Center is a clearinghouse for culturally-specific financial assistance information including:

  • Culturally-specific scholarships and financial aid
  • Culturally-specific funding resources
  • Individualized referrals to funding sources

In addition, the Center houses these resources:

  • Culturally-specific newspapers periodicals from around the state and the Nations
  • A collection of hard-copies of books and pamphlets related to cultural history
  • Links to the Multicultural student organization
  • Links to outside community organizations and individuals

Partnering and Outreach

The Center staff provide outreach programming to the Mole Lake, Potawatomi, and Lac du Flambeau communities. Nicolet also holds classes on-site at Mole Lake, Potawatomi, and Lac du Flambeau. The Center works with outside organizations, the state and federal government, tribal colleges, tribal education departments, governments and enterprises, to educate and train tribal employees.

The Center collaborates with tribal, inter-tribal, state and national economic and community development organizations to ensure that Nicolet College and all of its students play a part in building a successful future for our multicultural communities and the Northwoods region.