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Bookstore Video Script

Hi, I'm Logan.

The bookstore is a place to buy ... books!

Plus, you can find Nicolet t-shirts, other clothing and supplies.

There are two ways to purchase textbooks.

The easiest way is to buy them online.

Save yourself a trip to campus by going to

A list of textbooks will display, select the ones you'll need and check out.

In two to three days you'll get your books in the mail. Simple as that.

Or you can buy them at the Bookstore, located in the Learning Resources Center.

Bring along a printout of your course schedule and the staff will use it to select the right books.

If you're paying with financial aid or another third-party account, you'll also need to bring a photo ID.

Here's some things to remember:

- Buy your books early.

- Used books cost about 25 percent less, but hurry, they tend to sell fast.

- At the end of every semester, the Bookstore will buy books they can use again.