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Dropping a Course

University Transfer Center

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During your time at Nicolet you may want to add or drop a course during the semester.

You can do this by visiting the Welcome Center.

But keep this in mind: dropping a course is a last resort.

We strongly advise that you first talk with your instructor and academic advisor. You may be able to come up with an alternative plan of action to get you through to the end of the semester.

It's also important to note that only you can withdraw from a course. Your instructors can't drop you from a course. Your parents can't. It has to be you.

The deadline for dropping/withdrawing from a class is prior to the date on which 75% of the course has been conducted, typically around the twelfth week of class. The withdrawal deadline is publicized in a variety of campus communications, and will also be included in the class syllabus.

If you have an emergency or extenuating circumstance that arises after the withdrawal deadline, you may be eligible for an Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal. These applications are available in the Welcome Center.

It is also important to know that you may be entitled to a full or partial refund of the course tuition if you drop from a class. The refunds are based on the date on which you drop the course, so please contact the Welcome Center as quickly as possible if you need to withdraw/drop a course.

In some situations, students who cannot complete a course may be eligible for an Incomplete. Please see your instructor to discuss this option and sign an Incomplete contract if applicable.

To be eligible for an Incomplete, the student must have completed at least 50% of the coursework, and be in good standing in the course. Incomplete contracts are due at least 7 calendar days prior to the end of the class.

Incompletes can be carried for one semester, but will convert to an F if the coursework is not completed by the deadline provided in the contract.

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