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FERPA Video Script

Hi, I'm Nate.

Did you know there's a federal law that limits what information the college can release about you? It's the Federal Educational Rights and Policy Act, or FERPA.

The law says the college can only tell others:

- your name

- whether you attend part-time or full-time

- your major field of study

- dates you were enrolled at the college

- any degrees or awards you received

- photos and video of you for use in college news releases, publications and the college website, and

- your Nicolet email address

This is known as Directory Information.

If you don't want it released, contact the Welcome Center. All other information is protected by law.

So if your parents, your employer, or another school or institution ask, the college can't share it without your written consent.

If you do want it released, contact the Welcome Center.