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Printing and Copying Video Script

I'm Teri, and I'm here to introduce you to PaperCut, our student printing and copying system.

Sometimes you'll need to print or copy when you're on campus. Student computers, wireless internet, printers and copiers are located in every campus building, and at the Centers in Lakeland and Lac du Flambeau.

For printing, you'll be given a one-time $25 credit in your PaperCut account.

Each time you print or copy a page, the cost is subtracted from your account. 8 and a half by 11 black and white print-outs are 5-cents, either single or double-sided.

Printing in color is also available, but that costs 25-cents. Each time you print, a screen will pop up letting you know the number of pages you printed and the remaining balance in your account.

The $25 printing credit is deposited only once....not every semester.

You can add money to your account at the Business Office, the Welcome Center, the bookstore and library, or at the Lakeland Center.

To make copies, buy a copy code sticker at any of these locations, or in the Learning Resources Center vending machine.

Copying costs per page are the same as the printed cost per page.

It's that easy.

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