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Add Drop Courses and Refund Policy

Adding and Dropping Courses

Changes in your schedule are made at the Welcome Center.

Program students should make course changes through their academic advisor.

Students receiving financial aid should consult with financial aid personnel before requesting to officially drop courses. Non-attendance in a course(s) for which a student is officially enrolled does not constitute an official drop. The specific drop/add periods are indicated in each Schedule of Classes.

Before the Semester Begins

Students can change their schedule if the desired courses are still available. No grade will appear on their transcript for dropped courses.

After the Semester Begins

Students are expected to attend the first day of each course. Written permission from the instructor may be required to enroll in a course after it begins; this depends on the length of the course, the frequency of the course, and the mode of presentation. Students may drop a course during the first fourteen calendar days of a 16-week semester or a proportionate time for shorter courses without a grade appearing on their transcript. Drop forms can be obtained in the Welcome Center.

After the Date of Record

Students may drop a course before 75% percent of the course is completed. A grade of "W" (withdrawn) will appear on the student’s transcript if the course is dropped after the fourteenth calendar day of 16-week semester or a proportionate time for shorter courses. Drop forms can be obtained in the Welcome Center.

Refund Policy

1. A student shall receive a refund of 100% of program fees, material fees, and out-of-state tuition for a course if application for refund is made by the student prior to the first scheduled meeting of the course and if the student does not add another course.

2. A student who drops one or more courses and, prior to the issuance of a refund for the dropped course(s), adds one or more courses, shall have the program fees, material fees, and tuition for the dropped course(s) applied to the tuition and fee charges of the added course(s), subject to the following:

    a. Where the fees for an added course or courses exceed applicable fees for the dropped course or courses, students will be assessed the additional amount.

   b. Where the fees for a dropped course(s) exceed applicable fees for an added course(s), students will receive a refund pursuant to paragraph 3.

3. Except as provided in paragraphs a and b, refunds shall be issued as follows:

   a. 80% of program fees, materials fees, and out-of-state tuition if application for refund is made before or at the time 10% of the course’s total potential hours of instruction have been completed.

   b. 60% of program fees, materials fees, and out-of-state tuition if application for refund is made after 10% but before less than 20% of the course’s total potential hours of instruction have been completed.

4. No refund shall be granted if application is made after 20% of the course’s total potential hours of instruction have been completed.

The official date of the drop for refund purposes is the day on which the student initiates the refund request in writing. The drop form can be obtained from, and returned to, the Welcome Center.

Information concerning Financial Aid Title IV Refund, and withdrawing from courses with no passing grades can be found by visiting the Financial Aid Policies page on this site.

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