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Transferring Credits

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Transferring Nicolet Credits

Nicolet College has transfer agreements with numerous public and private four-year colleges and universities that lead to bachelor’s degrees.

These partnerships allow students to start their college educations at Nicolet, which is a two-year college, and then transfer the credits earned at Nicolet to a college or university where the Nicolet credits will count towards a bachelor’s degree.

Nicolet has an extensive set of transfer agreements with four-year University of Wisconsin colleges, including a special partnership with UW-Madison. This agreement guarantees admission to UW-Madison to Nicolet students in the University Transfer Program who earn at least 54 Nicolet credits and maintain at least a B average.

For more information about these transfer opportunities, which are also called articulation agreements, students should consult with the Welcome Center.

Visit Nicolet Transfer Agreements for a complete list of colleges and universities that apply credits earned at Nicolet towards a bachelor’s degree.


UW / Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Uniform Policy Statement on Credit Transfer

Credits transfer between the Wisconsin Technical College Systems (WTCS) and UW Systems is based upon the following principles:

- Students transferring from the WTCS accredited liberal arts/ collegiate transfer program to UW baccalaurate-granting institutions may generally transfer up to 72 credits earned at non-baccalaurate institutions. UW institutions may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. This does not alter policies concerning credits to be earned in residence at an institution.

- In cases where WTCS liberal arts/collegiate transfer programs awards associate of arts/associate of science degrees that specifically align with the associate degrees awarded by UW institutions, the UW baccalaureate-granting institutions shall consider students holding such a degree to have satisfied the university-wide general education/breadth requirements at the receiving institution.

- Colleges and schools may require transfer students to complete additional general education/breadth requirements beyond the university-wide total if also required of continuing students.

Click here to view the UW System Transfer policy

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