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Advanced Standing

What is Advanced Standing?

Advanced Standing allows a student to gain tuition-free credit from past high school courses. In order to receive credit, the student must complete the course to specific conditions (i.e., grades, attendance requirements, etc.) and enroll in the technical college within 27 months of graduation. In order to receive credits, there must be a course agreement on file for the Advanced Standing class with both Nicolet College and the student's high school.

It is the student's responsibility to initiate the Advanced Standing process by presenting documentation related to the course. This may include course work, syllabus, exams, or other coursework pertaining to the class. Advanced Standing agreements are transferable to all the schools within the Wisconsin Technical College System, but not necessarily with University of Wisconsin colleges.

Who is eligible for Advanced Standing?

Students eligible for "credit for prior learning" credits include students who have taken an Advanced Standing course at their high school and received a minimum grade of B in the class (C for a dual credit class). In order to gain the college credit, the student must enroll in the technical college within 27 months of graduating from high school.

What steps should students take next?

  1. Talk with a high school counselor about their interest in earning early college credit and learn what classes are available to take at their high school.
  2. Take the course and earn a B or above. Keep all course documents after the class is over.
  3. Graduate from high school and attend a Wisconsin Technical College within 27 months of graduation.
  4. Talk with a program academic adviser or instructor to determine if Advanced Standing credits will be granted.

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