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Course Options

What is Course Options?

Course Options allows high school students enrolled in a public school district the opportunity to take up to two courses in a semester from charter schools, institutions of higher education, and approved nonprofit organizations at no cost to the student. The desired course must have seats available and be approved by the high school. Parent/guardian permission is required.

What steps should students take next?

  1. Talk with a high school counselor about their interest in earning early college credit and learn what classes are available to take at their high school.
  2. Fill out and submit DPI Form PI-8900 (PDF) and the Dual Enrollment Form (PDF) to Nicolet College. A total of two courses at a time may be taken.
  3. If under the age of 16, complete additional paperwork requesting to attend Nicolet College.
  4. Have their high school send their transcript to Nicolet College.
  5. Set up and activate a MyNicolet account.
  6. Register for Nicolet College classes that are approved by Nicolet College and the student's school district. Registering for classes is in addition to submitting the Course Options application and the Dual Enrollment form. Students will be notified when they need to register with Nicolet.
  7. Buy any required books from the Nicolet Bookstore.
  8. Take care of all class prerequisites, if necessary.
  9. Attend the class at Nicolet College even if the high school district is not in session.

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If you are unable to access documents here, please contact the Office of Compliance at or 715-365-4615.

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