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All-online Business Management program fits well around Albrecht’s busy life

June 13, 2018

Like many working parents with young children, Pam Albrecht’s life is a seemingly continuous swirl of activity.

There are meals to prepare, laundry to do, a job to work, and a steady stream of dance classes, baseball games, and even a few ice races in winter on snowmobiles and four-wheelers.

Pam Albrecht studying at home“Yeah, we’re pretty busy but we manage to get everything done,” she said.

Everything, in Albrecht’s case, also includes being a student in Nicolet College’s Business Management program. But instead of traditional classes that meet at set times during the day, she’s completing the program entirely online.

“It would be nearly impossible for me to attend college without the flexibility of online classes,” said Albrecht, who recently finished the first year of the two-year associate’s degree program. “It’s really nice to complete the coursework during the times that work best with my schedule. I really needed something that was all online.”

While some people may have the impression that attending online classes is a rather solitary experience and that you’re pretty much on your own, Albrecht said that’s not the case at all.

“There’s all kinds of support, a whole network, that you can draw on whenever you need it,” Albrecht explained. “Help is always there. The instructors really care about you. You can call them with questions, email them, and also meet with them in person if that option works for you. They really want to see you succeed.”

Albrecht also said she commonly uses online tutoring services and online discussion boards, the equivalent of a large group chat for all students in a given class, to ask questions and complete coursework.

“There are all kinds of resources available,” she explained. “In a lot of ways it’s like you form this little community where everyone helps each other.”

She started down the road to a Business Management degree as a way to hone the skills she needs to effectively run a business her family recently purchased.

“Once you get into it you start seeing all of the different aspects of running a business,” she said. “I really feel I’m learning the skills needed to be successful.”

Albrecht was considering other colleges when looking for an an online Business Management program. She had taken classes previously at Nicolet, graduating from the Medical Assistant program.

“I knew Nicolet, and I really liked it. The instructors are amazing so it really was a pretty easy choice,” Albrecht explained.

Click here for more information about Nicolet’s Business Management program or call the college at (715) 365-4493, 1-800-544-3039, ext. 4493; TTY 1-800-947-3529 or 711 relay.