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Board of Trustees Policies Index

Click on the policy name below to view or download a pdf version of the policy. Policies were approved by Nicolet Area Technical College Board of Trustees on March 27, 2012.


1.0 Mission

1.01 Mission Statement
1.02 Vision Statement
1.03 Values
1.04 Nicolet 2020
1.05 Core Abilities

2.0 Governance

2.01 Policy Adoption
2.02 Delegation of Authority
2.03 District Board of Trustees Responsibilities and Election of Officers
2.04 Code of Ethics
2.05 District Board of Trustees Meetings
2.06 Student Representation
2.07 Board Travel
2.08 Public Records
2.09 Advisory Committees
2.10 New Program Approval and Program Suspension
2.11 PK-16 Partnerships
2.12 Transportation Plan/Parking
2.13 Economic Development
2.14 Contracts to Provide Educational Services
2.15 Products and Services Provided by the District
2.16 Educational Services Below the Postsecondary Level
2.17 Public Input Board Policy
2.18 Board Professional Development

3.0 Fiscal Responsibility

3.01 College Budget Process and Fiscal Accountability
3.02 Cash and Investment Account Management
3.03 Procurement
3.04 Facilities Planning
3.05 Financial Aid and Lender Relationships
3.06 Fee and Tuition Remissions

4.0 Equal Opportunity

4.01 Affirmative Action
4.02 Anti-Harassment and Nondiscrimination
4.03 Student Standards of Conduct and Complaint and Grievance Procedure
4.04 Employee Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Discipline and Workplace Safety Issues Pursuant to Wis. Stats. Sec. 66.0509
4.05 Access for Students with Disabilities
4.06 Assistance for Employees with Disabilities
4.07 Discrimination Complaint Resolution
4.08 Accommodation of Student Religious Beliefs

5.0 Campus Safety and Security

5.01 Safety and Security
5.02 Possession and Use of Weapons


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