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Barber/Cosmetology Instructor



The Barber/Cosmetology Instructor certificate prepares the student to take the State of Wisconsin examination to become a licensed Barber or Cosmetology Instructor. To apply for the examination, students must successfully complete the 150 hours of required coursework, hold a current Wisconsin license in the Barber or Cosmetology profession, and possess 2,000 hours of experience in the Barber or Cosmetology field. Through the completion of this program, students will acquire the knowledge, both practical and theoretical, along with the skills necessary to teach new students entering the Barber or Cosmetology professions.

Course Descriptions

10-502-186 Instructional Planning and Design
Prepares educators to employ the performance-based instructional design process. Participants designate performance expectations, design learning plans, develop assessment tasks, and produce a syllabus. Participants may choose to apply the process to classroom, lab, onsite industrial, online, or other distance learning environments. [This course meets WTCS Certification Requirement #50 - Course/Curriculum Construction.]  Lecture. 2 credits.

10-502-187 Teaching Methods
Prepares educators to create a learning environment that supports learners and results in the achievement of designated learning outcomes. Emphasizes teaching and learning techniques that promote active learning, support learners with a variety of learning preferences and needs, and generate continuous improvement in teaching and learning. [This course meets WTCS Certification Requirement #52-Teaching Methods]  Lecture. 2 credits.

10-502-188 Educational Evaluation
Prepares educators to design and implement the performance assessment component of a course. Places emphasis on the development of criterion-referenced performance assessment strategies, the application of varied assessment formats, and the use of assessment as a tool for improving teaching and learning. Participants will design performance assessment strategies for a course or other learning experience, create varied assessment tools, and summarize their assessment philosophy. [This course meets WTCS Certification Requirement #54 - Educational Evaluation]  Lecture. 2 credits.

31-502-308 Barbering/Cosmetology Instructor Orientation & Practicum
Students will be observing instructors in the classroom, lab and clinic settings. Students will prepare lesson plans for theory and practical lessons, teach lessons under the supervision of licensed instructors, and learn the practical skills of supervising students in a clinical settings. This course will explore the goals of the instructor program and review the curriculum.   Students will utilize the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services for instructor policies and procedures, discussing safety and first aid.  Students with discuss student advising, recording keeping and the interpersonal skills necessary for success in the Barber or Cosmetology professions. Lecture/lab. 2 credits.

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