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UW-Madison Guaranteed Admission

UW-Madison Guaranteed Admission

Have your sights set on attending UW-Madison?

Nicolet has partnered with the state's flagship university to create two pathways for students to start at Nicolet and complete their bachelor's degree at UW-Madison.

One pathway is through Nicolet's Credit Transfer Agreement with UW-Madison. The agreement guarantees admission to Nicolet students who:

- have signed a contract with Nicolet stating they intend to transfer to UW-Madison.

- have earned at least 54 credits in Nicolet's University Transfer Liberal Arts program.

- maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Nicolet students who have enough credits but a grade point between 2.6 and 2.99 will receive special consideration.

Click here to view the Transfer Contract.

The second pathway to UW-Madison is through the UW Connections Program. Under this arrangement, students sign a formal agreement with UW-Madison that states they intend to:

- complete at least 54 credits in Nicolet's University Transfer Liberal Arts program.

- maintain at least a minimum GPA of 2.0.

When these two requirements are met, students will be guaranteed admission to UW-Madison. Students in the UW Connections Program are officially recognized as Nicolet students and UW-Madison students and have access to activities and services at each campus. This includes:

- a UW-Madison Student ID Card.

- access to special events and speakers on the UW-Madison campus.

- use of more than 40 UW-Madison libraries.

- a UW-Madison email account and access to computer labs.

- use of UW-Madison recreational facilities.

- access to tickets for Badger athletic events.

- discounts at the UW-Madison DoIT technology store.

Click here for more information about UW-Madison's Connections Program.

Northwoods students looking to take advantage of either of these UW-Madison guaranteed transfer opportunities will need to work closely with their academic advisor at Nicolet to make sure all requirements are satisfied.



Over the years numerous Northwoods students have taken advantage of these opportunities. Here's what a couple have had to say about the experience:

"Right out of high school, I'm not sure I would have been ready to go to Madison, or if I even could have gotten in. My time at Nicolet was exactly what I needed." – Abe

"I had a wonderful experience at Nicolet. My time at Nicolet took the anxiety out of attending a four-year university. By the time I got to UW-Madison, I knew exactly what to expect. At Nicolet, I started developing the skills and tools I would use to complete my four-year degree. Nicolet set the foundation for what I would learn at UW-Madison, and just about everything I learned at Nicolet I used as a pre-requisite at Madison." - Eric


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