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Fall 2017 Learning in Retirement Curriculum

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Current Events

Current Events
Michael Shores, Pete Day,
Char Schneider
September 18
October 2, 16, 30
November 13, 27
December 11
9:30 am
Oneida County Senior Center
Host: Rita Shores

If you think these sessions are about the stories we are bombarded with on end, think again. We search for the news and trends that are often overlooked and often more important than most of the hot topics of the day. When those hot topics really do seem important, we try our best to approach them objectively. What makes this class most interesting is that all those who attend contribute.

Maximum: 30

*CLASS IS FULL* Historic Boathouses of Eagle River *CLASS IS FULL*

Gary Fawcett
September 18
1:30 pm
Eagle River First Congregational United Church of Christ
Host: Joanne Wargolet

Join Gary as he shares the history of boathouses, from the 1900’s, that still remain on the shores of the Eagle River. He has a personal connection to a number of boathouses that he will share with you. He will captivate you with personal stories that will have you wanting to cruise the Eagle River in search of these historic structures.

Maximum: 40

Seeds, Culture, and Diversity

Debra Ketchum Jircik
September 25
9:30 am
The Warehouse Art Center
Host: Brenda Peltier

This is an interactive presentation on the human connection to seeds and the importance of diversity, with a focus on food. Hands-on basic seed saving will wrap up the program. Debra is a Vilas County Master Gardener volunteer and graduate of Native Seeds Search Seed School.

Maximum: 25

Who’s Out to Get Your Money?

Laura Fay
September 25
1 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Gerald Anderson

We hear about new scams almost every day. What about those we miss? Laura Fay from the Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection will alert us to what’s lurking out there and what we can do about it. She will discuss top complaint categories, the Wisconsin Do Not Call Registry, best practices to combat fraud and avoid identity theft, how to file a complaint, and resources for victims of identity theft.

U.S. Presidential Stories

Ted Russell
October 16
1 pm
Minocqua Public Library
Host: Margaret Barnes

There are hundreds of great U.S. presidential stories that have been told during our nation’s history. Ted Russell will retell these interesting stories during his presentation on presidential history. There will be a wealth of new material to keep you engaged in this most interesting topic.

Maximum: 85

*CLASS IS FULL* This Will Send You Reeling *CLASS IS FULL*

Stephanie Schroeder
October 9
1:30 pm
Oneida County Senior Center
Host: Brian Jones

Take the skin of an animal (goat, sheep), insert a chanter (melody pipe) and a drone (constant note), inflate with air, and you have a musical instrument which has been around for thousands of years. The skirl of the bagpipes has led men into battle and led revelers in a wedding reel. Stephanie Schroeder will recount the history of this proud instrument and even play a tune or two that will get your feet a-tappin’.

Maximum: 30

*CLASS IS FULL* Who Was Martin Luther? *CLASS IS FULL*

Gerald Anderson
October 30
1:30 pm
Oneida County Senior Center
Host: Gerald Anderson

In this 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, it is important to know how one man’s posting of propositions for debate had such far-reaching effects. Luther thought he could bring about a few changes in the church of his time. His actions not only split the church but had lasting social and political effects as well.