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Current Curriculum

Spring 2015 Learning in Retirement Curriculum



Classes are listed by Day/Date/Time


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Current Events

Facilitators: Pete Day, Walt Hobbs,
and Michael Shores
January 26; February 9, 23;
March 9, 23; April 6, 20; May 4, 18
9:30 am
Rhinelander First Congregational
United Church of Christ
Host: Volunteer needed

Join us to discuss the news behind the news, the under-reported news, anything we find interesting, and even some cartoons.

TED Talks – Rhinelander

Facilitator: Michael Shores
March 30; April 13
9:30 am
Rhinelander First Congregational
United Church of Christ
Host: Michael Shores

If you haven’t met TED you shouldjoin us as we hear from some very interesting people offering presentations of 20 minutes or less on a variety of topics.

From Pottery to Pomp

Brian Jones
April 27
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Volunteer needed

Join Jones’ tour as we travel from the smoke and grime of the industrial revolution’s Black Country to the pomp and splendor of the only palace in Britain not owned by either the crown or the church.

Fish Hatchery Tour - CLASS IS FULL

Bruce Underwood
May 11
9:30 am
Art Oehmcke Fish Hatchery
Host: Volunteer needed

Learn about the history of the fish hatchery in Woodruff while gaining an understanding of how fish eggs are gathered, fry are raised, and lakes are stocked.

The Worst of Hollywood

Ernie Schluter
May 11
1:15 - 3:45 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Joan Schluter

Every studio and actor has a turkey film or embarrassing performance. Find out what movies and performances should be avoided at all costs and which famous actor offered to buy up all copies of his first movie and have them burned. Save a few hours of your life by not viewing the worst of Hollywood.