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Current Curriculum

Spring 2014 Learning in Retirement Curriculum



Classes are listed by Day/Date/Time


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Current Events

Facilitators: Pete Day, Walt Hobbs, and Michael Shores
Jan. 13, 27; Feb. 10, 24; Mar. 3, 17, 31;
Apr. 14, 28; May 12

9:30 am
Oneida Senior Center
Host: Rita Shores

The globe continues to warm, our politicians continue to disappoint,
the economy still seems to be stalled, and primary elections loom.
That doesn’t even consider events in the Middle East and elsewhere,
so we shouldn’t have any difficulty finding newsworthy events to discuss.

Maximum: 40

Navigating the System

Dianne Jacobson
Feb. 17
9:30 am
Oneida Senior Center
Host: Michael Shores


As you, or your loved ones, grow older how do you find the options
you need to live the life YOU want? Jacobson, Director of the Oneida
County Senior Center, will explore how to navigate the confusing maze
of options, finding resources, and planning for the future whether here in
Oneida County or across the country.

Maximum: 30

TED Talks

Facilitator: Michael Shores
Mar. 10, 17, 24
1:30 pm
(Note: begins at 2:15 pm on Mar. 17)
Rhinelander District Library
Host: Rita Shores

If you want to be entertained, enlightened, and have a meaningful discussion about a wide range of topics, TED Talks is for you. At you will find over a thousand presentations lasting up to twenty minutes each that will let you examine the variety of material covered. Most of the sessions revolve around a single theme, but we may try an eclectic mix for one
of our sessions this semester.

Maximum: 30

Hodag History

Mike Skubal
Apr. 7
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Char Schneider

Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about Rhinelander’s mascot. The mythical
creature known as the Hodag was created in 1896 by Gene Shepard, Rhinelander pioneer timber cruiser and famous prankster. Shepard claimed to have discovered the animal in the woods near Rice Creek.

Waves of Immigration

Gary Entz
May 5
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Michael Shores

The United States has been populated by wave after wave of immigrants. Join Entz in examining how people from the world’s cultures and locations have shaped our nation.