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Fall 2016 Learning in Retirement Curriculum

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Protecting Native American Cemeteries and Burial Mounds

Cyndi Stiles
September 12
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Joan Belongia

Wisconsin is one of a few states with laws protecting human remains on public and private property. Recently, the laws have,come under attack. Archaeologist Cyndi Stiles will review types of cemeteries and mounds, the cultures they represent, and the laws and ethics involved in protecting them.

Current Events

Michael Shores and Pete Day
September 19; October 3, 17, 31
November 14, 28; December 12
9:30 am
Oneida County Senior Center
Host: Rita Shores

We will continue to examine the events and trends often neglected by the media. During recent semesters the number of people bringing in news items has increased as has the amount of discussion. So, if you want to share your notion of what is important or interesting, please join us. We will establish guidelines for introducing topics surrounding the political campaigns which have already been so unique.

Maximum: 30

Can You Dig It? Archaeology in the Northwoods

September 19
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Joan Belongia

Have you ever been curious about what ancient history lies beneath your feet, or wondered
how archaeologists find sites and determine what to do with them? Join archaeologist Cyndi Stiles and learn how an investigation is conducted. Also, learn how archaeologists take site artifacts and reconstruct who lived there, how they lived, and what was important to them.

See Me for What I Am

David Chrisinger
September 26
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Joan Belongia

See Me for Who I Am is a collection of stories written by David Chrisinger’s student
veterans at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. It brings together twenty young student veterans working to bridge the media-created gap that divides them from the American people they fought to protect. With thoughtfulness, humor, and honesty, they relive and relate their worst memories, illustrate shared experiences, explain to us the fulfillment of combat, and show us what going to war really entails. For veterans, these voices will ring familiar. For civilians, the stories open a view into a world few ever see and, in the process, affirm our common humanity.

Archaeology and the Historic Logging Industry

Cyndi Stiles
October 10
9:30 am
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Joan Belongia

The lumber industry has been a mainstay of the Northwoods for over 150 years. Colorful stories abound about the mill towns and logging camps which dot the landscape. Join archaeologist Cyndi Stiles to learn how archaeology can contribute to the understanding of what really happened at these sites.


Kristin Higgins
October 10
1:30 pm
Pine Lake Town Hall
Host: Brian Jones

Kristin recounts her stage-struck journey from “ham” actress to accomplished performer
to teacher of drama to stage director. Theater is her life. Join her as she shares her story speckled with humorous anecdotes and dramatic moments. Kristin concludes the session with some lessons on improvisation skills.

Canning for Fun and Food

Jasmyn Schmidt
October 17
1:30 pm
Eagle River First Congregational
United Church of Christ
Host: Joan Condon

Master gardener and nutrition educator Jasmyn Schmidt will teach canning methods, tips, and recipes to help you preserve your garden harvest. Jasmyn will demonstrate how to make jam
using current safety guidelines and processing times. You’ll receive additional information and recipes for your future canning endeavors.

Maximum: 15

Your Face is Familiar But… Part 1

Ernie Schluter
November 21
1 - 4 pm
Eagle River First Congregational
United Church of Christ
Host: Joan Schluter

Put some names to those faces that appeared in all those movies you saw years ago. Some character actors appeared in hundreds of films but many film goers didn’t know their names. Learn about these actors who delighted audiences during the Golden Years of Hollywood. This is a repeat class from Fall of 2015 in Rhinelander.

Maximum: 70