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Student Clubs

Student clubs and organizations are an important part of the student experience at Nicolet.

By joining a club, you have a great opportunity to gain educational experience and meet fellow students with common interests.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Club

Advisor: Tekia Longstreet WC 300-7 . 715.365.4538  |  Email

All Nations Students Association

All Nations Student Association (ANSA) is a club dedicated to helping students explore diversity and how it enhances the educational experience. Nicolet students come from a variety of cultures and we learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own. Diversity challenges stereotyped preconceptions, encourages critical thinking and fosters mutual respect and inclusion. ANSA is comprised of students whose members are committed to communicating and sharing effectively with people of varied backgrounds. ANSA members provide and promote cross-campus, cross-cultural events and activities that highlight the collective diversity that exists amongst Nicolet's student body.

Advisor: Susan Crazy Thunder, LC 110   715.365.4434  |  Email

Business Professionals of America (BPA)

The organization offers business and information technology students the opportunity to broaden their career opportunities, have contact with the business community, and compete, as well as interact with students in other two- and four-year colleges. Nicolet students have participated in state competitions and several have qualified for and competed in national Business Professional competitions held in such locations as San Francisco and Orlando.

Advisor: Tracey MacQuarrie TC212-2 . 715.365.4933 | Email

Collegiate DECA

Advisor: Dwight Webb, RC227 . 715.365.4543 |  Email

Advisor: David Phillips, TC212-5 . 715.365.4927 |  Email

Criminal Justice Club

The mission of the Criminal Justice Club is to encourage fellowship among members while promoting an atmosphere conducive to personal inquiry and growth. Through mentorship, the Criminal Justice Club seeks to develop leadership and citizenship skills of its members to their highest potential, while encouraging professional pride, community service, and strict adherence to the code of professional ethics.

Advisor: Phil Schmidt  BC 101-11  715.365.4511  |  Email


The purpose of this organization is to develop spiritually-centered holistic leaders who are equipped and trained to live out the essence of their faith both personally and in the marketplace, being committed to a leadership style centered on their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Advisor: Ken Duesing  AT 300-1  715-365-4525  |  Email

Dental Hygiene Club

Advisor: Kelly Moran PCDC . 715.588.4498 |  Email

Advisor: Erin Wozniak PCDC . 715.588.4495 |  Email

Information Technology (IT) Club

The IT Club aims to share knowledge among members and to do community events to educate others on computer-related technologies.

Advisor: Regis Brost TC102-C . 715.365.4640  |  Email

Nicolet American Culinary Federation (ACF) – Junior Chapter

ACF promotes mentoring relationships and certification opportunities for students in any of Nicolet’s culinary programs. Professional culinary activities, fundraising efforts, chef demonstrations, and attendance at regional conferences are the foundation of the club’s activities. Additional possibilities include culinary and recipe competitions, community service projects, and participation in Nicolet’s many campus-wide events.

Advisor: Kevin Brown  NC 212  715.365.4649  |  Email

Nicolet Auto Club

Auto Club promotes a professional attitude, image, and industry work opportunities for automotive students. Activities include industry tours and the Chicago Auto Show.

Advisors: Ken Duesing AT 300-1  715.365.4525 | Email
                  Chris Kolasa AT 300-5  715.365.4642 | Email

Nicolet Student Nurse Club

Nicolet Student Nurse Club is an organization for students in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Student involvement provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership, and personal ethics. Activities include educational opportunities in the healthcare field. Community stewardship includes participation in community food and clothing drives and community health screenings.

Advisors: Kari Krueger  AT 300-18  715.365.4936  |  Email
                 Julie Johnson  AT 300-22  715.365.4496  |  Email

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two-year colleges. Nicolet’s chapter, Alpha Nu Iota, focuses its efforts on service and scholarship. Members are asked to join by the President of the college after being nominated by an instructor. The nominee must be a student with at least 12 credit hours of coursework completed, with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher. Initiates are responsible for the $65 membership fee and receive a membership certificate, transcript stamp, a Phi Theta Kappa pin, placement on national transfer and employment databases, and a two-year subscription to all Phi Theta Kappa publications. Members must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or higher while they are members.

Advisor: Christin Van Kauwenberg, RC 232   715.365.4907 |  Email

Rainbow Hodags

Rainbow Hodags is a student club that was formed to support the LGBT members of our community, as well as offer support and educational opportunities to their Straight Allies.  Rainbow Hodags holds monthly meetings to address student concerns, prepare educational outreach events and provide a safe space for our LGBT students.

Advisor: Ocie Kilgus RC300-3 . 715.365.4540 |  Email

Advisor: Laura Wind-Norton RC300-10 . 715.365.4578 |  Email

Residential Architecture and Advanced Design (RAAD)

Residential Architecture and Advanced Design (RAAD) has a focus around the technologies that are used in today's construction world. Members participate in learning opportunities throughout the community, touring home sites, and seeing various buildings during the construction process.

Advisor: Jeff Labs, BC 101-7   715.365.4675 |  Email

Student Leadership Council

All Nicolet students are board members at large for the Student Leadership Council (SLC) and are welcome and encouraged to attend SLC meetings. In addition to representing the student body, SLC works with the student clubs to help promote collaboration and improving the campus experience for all students. All SGA-sponsored events are funded by the Student Activity Fund. Through SLC, students have the opportunity to attend leadership conferences and participate with the 15 other Wisconsin Technical Colleges in Wisconsin Student Government. Participation provides leadership and management skills that last a lifetime.

Advisor: Sara Tienhaara LC 223 . 715.365.4566|  Email

Teachers for Tomorrow (TOT)

Nicolet College has a student association affiliated with the local, state, and national Associations for the Education of Young Children (AEYC). Locally, the student association works through the Northwoods AEYC allowing the students an opportunity to participate in local professional meetings, in-service training, conferences, networking, mentoring, and special events, such as the annual celebration of the National Week of the Young Child. Participation in the student AEYC is open to any Nicolet College student currently enrolled in degree or special interest childcare and development courses or programs.

Advisor: Diana Rickert  NC 106  715.365.4585  |  Email

Students for Sustainability

To educate people on the importance of sustaining the environment and improving our community

Advisor: Paul Ehlers RC 300-23 . 715.365.4667  |  Email

Student Veterans Club

The Student Veterans Club works to reach out and connect with fellow veterans to help provide assistance, support, and camaraderie on campus an in the community.

Advisor: Christin Van Kauwenberg, RC 232   715.365.4907 |  Email

Stylists of the Future

Promotes fellowship among students in the cosmetology program. Activities include participation in hair shows and community service.

Advisor: Suzanne Sandmann  TC 115-1  715.365.4613  |  Email

University Transfer Liberal Arts

The University Transfer Liberal Arts (UTLA) Club allows students intending to transfer the opportunity to come together to discuss issues, go on campus visits, and hear from various school representatives.

Advisor: Kristi Thoreson, RC 300-8   715.365.4621 |  Email


Advisor: Craig Deer BC 101-9 . 715.365.4643 |  Email